1. Go to:


  1. Click on the large red Register Now button. This will bring you to our registration site, which is hosted by Sports Illustrated Play.  If you wish to go directly to the registration page, the URL is


  1. If you have an existing account from registering for BYBA in past years, simply login using your email address and password. If you forgot your password, click on the “Reset Password” link.  They system will send a new password to the email address that is associated with the account.


  1. If you are new to BYBA, click on “Create an Account,” and follow the steps as you are prompted by the system.


  1. Once you are in the system, via your account, scroll down and click on the blue box that says, “Register to Play/Participate”. If you wish to Coach or Volunteer (and we hope you will!) you can click on the blue button which reads “Apply to Coach/Volunteer” after registering your player(s).


  1. If you’ve registered for BYBA in the past, you can simply select the player’s name(s) that you want to register. If you haven’t registered your child before, you can click next to “New Child”.


  1. After selecting the player’s name or New Child, click on “Register Now”


  1. If you are registering a New Child, you’ll need to fill out some information including Name, Nickname, Birth Date, and Medical Info. Once you’ve filled out this information, click “Save” at the bottom of the page. If you are registering a returning player, this information will be pre-populated.


  1. The next page will display the different leagues which are available. Look for the options under the header “Summer 2017 (All Leagues)”. Please select the appropriate option based on the league your child is currently playing in (for example, if you are registering a Mudville player, select “Mudville Summer 2017”.


  1. After selecting the correct league, scroll down and click on “Register as a Player”


  1. A Participation Code will be required before proceeding. Please enter the code “community”. Please note this is Caps Sensitive. Use all small letters, please.  Click Save.


  1. You will then need to answer a handful of questions, including Residency and the player’s jersey size. You will also have an opportunity to donate to the BYBA Scholarship Fund, which helps to defray league fees for players with verified financial need.  If you choose to donate, we thank you, and please note that Burlingame Youth Baseball Association (BYBA) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, Federal Tax ID# xxxxxxx.  Also note that there is a question for “Team”.  Simply click “Unassigned”. Once registered, we’ll assign your child to the correct Tournament Team.  Once you’ve answered all the questions, click “Continue”.


  1. This will display your Shopping Cart. If you need to register another player, or register to volunteer or coach, please click on “Register Additional Players / Volunteers”.  If you do not wish to register another player, nor to volunteer or coach, click on “Continue to Checkout”.


  1. You will have a chance to review your order. Please review carefully.  You may then proceed to payment by clicking on “Pay with Credit Card”.


  1. Please note that unlike the Spring Season, we do not display a Consent Form, a Medical Release, Participation Policy, nor a Conduct Policy for Players and Parents. Your consent and releases from Spring Season will suffice for Tournament Play. We also expect that all Players and Parents will adhere to the same standards of conduct we uphold during the regular season.


  1. If you need assistance with registration, please e-mail our Registrar (Shep Maher) at Please note that like all of our Board Members, our Registrar is a volunteer – Shep will respond as quickly as possible, but please do not expect an immediate response.