2021 Board Members


Name Email
Co-President * Niall Brosnan president@byba.us
Co-President * Doug Flanzer president@byba.us
Treasurer * Doug Flanzer treasurer@byba.us
Player Agent-Registration* Shep Maher players@byba.us
Secretary * JP Lachance secretary@byba.us
Rookie League Director Jeff Osberg rookie@byba.us
Sandlot League Director Suzanne Lau sandlot@byba.us
Mudville League Director Tyson Scofield mudville@byba.us
Reyna League Director Collin Woo reyna@byba.us
Sauer League Director Kevin Flood sauer@byba.us
Colt and Joe D Director Niall Brosnan colt@byba.us
Colt and Joe D Director Niall Brosnan colt@byba.us
Marketing Kevin Flood marketing@byba.us
Fields/Schedule Gary Tom fields@byba.us
Sponsors – Marketing Dermott Larkin sponsors@byba.us
Website/Photos/Communications Tim Philibosian communications@byba.us
Umpires Director John Serrato umpires@byba.us
Equipment/Fields Director Jeff Bordin equipment@byba.us
Equipment/Fields Director Jeff Doss equipment@byba.us

2020 BYBA Board Members Burlingame Youth Baseball Association

P.O. Box 1633
Burlingame, California 94010

Best way to contact us is through the contact form.

Field Conditions hotline: 650-558-7319