BYBA Uniforms Director Ron Johnstone Finally Sees the Light

BYBA’s esteemed Director of Uniforms, Ron Johnstone, has really turned things around in his life.

Once a Dodgers fan, Johnstone’s judgement was so clouded earlier this year that he even went so far as to order BYBA uniforms which largely featured the numbers of prominent Dodgers players.  But as word got around and the backlash among parents and kids grew – not to mention the Dodgers falling 5 games behind the Giants in mid-May – Johnstone realized it was time to clean things up and get on the right side of good.

Behold, Mr. Johnstone’s first homage to his new favorite team:


So when you see this bad boy cruising around Burlingame this summer, be sure to tip your cap to the Giants’ newest and biggest fan!