FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on BYBA

What is the purpose of the BYBA?
To provide an organized, recreational and instructional baseball program for the youth of our community.

Is the BYBA part of Little League?
No, BYBA is not part of the national Little League program. Our leagues are independent.

When can I register my player?
Our registration period starts in October and ends in January for the spring season.

What types of people comprise the Board of Directors?
The Board of Directors is comprised solely of volunteers.

How can I get regular information about changes/additions that the BYBA makes?
Board meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month throughout the year. Meetings are open to all members and everyone is welcome.

How can I become an umpire for BYBA?
Interested umpires, both boys and girls,  should refer to the byba.us web site for information on training classes.  Generally, classes begin in early February.  All new and returning umpires must plan to attend as many of the training classes as possible as the classes are not the same in content.  To register please go to https://byba.us/umpires/ and fill out form. Umpires must be at least 10 years of age to be eligible.  For any questions, please contact the BYBA Director of Umpires at bybaumps@yahoo.com.

How can I get involved with the BYBA program?
There are various ways to help with the program. You can join the Board, participate as a coach or assistant coach, or help at practices if needed. Also, the BYBA hosts a tournament in the summer where help is always needed.

How many divisions (age groups) are there in BYBA?
There are currently 7 divisions in BYBA. They are:

  • Rookie League (6 year olds)
  • Sandlot League (7 & 8 year olds)
  • Mudville League (9 and 10 year olds)
  • Carl Reyna League (11 and 12 year olds)
  • Hank Sauer, Sr. League (13 and 14 year olds)
  • American Legion Team (Junior Division – 17 years and under)
  • American Legion Team (Senior Division – 19 years and under)

What facilities are used for BYBA?
The BYBA has excellent facilities to use for the various levels within the program. Games and practices are held at Bayside Park, which has four fields, Cuernavaca Park, and the small field at Washington Park. There are also two batting cages that are used: one located at Washington Park, and one located at Bayside Park.

How long is the season?
Team practices typically start late February or early March, with the regular season lasting until approximately mid-June. The Tournament Team season typically starts with the Memorial Day weekend, but most tournaments are scheduled from late-June through the 4th of July weekend, with some teams playing through August.

How are regular season coaches/assistant coaches selected?
All coaches are volunteers and complete an application process each year. The BYBA conducts a reference screening process on all candidates and then makes a selection from the available pool of volunteers.

I want to join the Board. How do I learn about the responsibilities and time commitment of various positions?
BYBA Board positions have defined job descriptions. The best way to become informed is to speak to the league president, or to other members of the Board, as many have held various positions throughout their years of service.

I know some potential sponsors. How can I get them involved?
The BYBA is always interested in speaking with people or businesses that are willing to help support the program. The contact name and phone number should be given the Director of Sponsors, or to a current member of the Board.

Are all Burlingame kids guaranteed a chance to play?
All children residing in the City of Burlingame are eligible to register to play. If registration occurs prior to the stated deadline, those children are guaranteed the opportunity to play. Anyone registering after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list.

Is BYBA a co-ed league?
Yes, while the BYBA is comprised of mostly boys, our leagues are open to children of both genders, and all levels of ability.

What kinds of umpires are used?
BYBA utilizes youth umpires for the Mudville League. In the Carl Reyna League, umpires are a combination of a youth (14 year olds, or older) and an adult umpire (predominantly a certified umpire). In the Hank Sauer, Sr. League the umpires are primarily certified, adult umpires. Umpires at all levels are paid.  Please visit our Umpires section  for more detailed information.

How can my child get involved in the umpiring program through BYBA?
Please contact the BYBA Director of Umpires at bybaumps@yahoo.com to receive the necessary forms and dates for training.  Also, you can visit our Umpires section for more information.

My child has a medical condition. Will this exclude them from being eligible to participate?
No. Medical conditions should be listed on the registration form so that the coach that your child is assigned to is made aware. Should you wish this information to remain confidential, you should inform the coach in private and discuss how best to proceed.

My child doesn’t have a mitt/bat. How do I go about purchasing one?
Too often, parents purchase baseball equipment based on what the child thinks they need, as opposed to the appropriate size and style. The BYBA web site has links to help you with the proper size and weights of both bats and mitts.

Are scholarships available for families with financial hardships?
BYBA is proud to make financial aid available on a limited basis to assist families in need with payment of registration fees.  Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis.

What should I do if there is a problem with the coach?
You should first speak with the coach and inform them of your concern(s). If a resolution doesn’t seem to be attainable, you should contact your League Director. They will help mediate any concern(s). Further recommendations, if needed, can then be made to the BYBA President by the League Director.

How is protective equipment (helmets, catcher’s gear) evaluated, ensuring child safety?
After each season, the Director of Equipment goes through all the equipment and evaluates the condition of the items. Reports from coaches are also reviewed and equipment is repaired or replaced as needed. Safety is an important concern and is not taken lightly.

How is safety at the batting cages monitored?
All coaches are required to attend a batting cage safety clinic each year, regardless of whether they had attended one the previous year. Coaches will also provide constant reminders to players while using the cage.

My child wants to be on the same team as his best friend. Can we request this?
At the youngest age groups (6, 7, and 8 year olds) we try our best to keep kids attending the same school, or living in the same neighborhood, together. In the older age groups it becomes difficult to do this, and these requests are generally NOT accepted.

How are teams put together for the regular season?
At the end of each season, players are evaluated by their coaches and the league director. Rosters for the following season are then set up by the league director to keep the teams as even as possible, making sure all teams have established pitchers and catchers.

How are practice field locations and times determined?
Practice times and fields are allocated by age group. Practice times are chosen by the coach at the coaches meeting, and usually changes once the regular season starts.

Can my child play on other teams during the BYBA baseball season?
Yes and No. School sports have priority over the BYBA, and children may play on other teams during the season. However, other than a school team, children that sign up to play in the BYBA, may not play in another baseball league, or on another organized baseball team.

How are tournament team coaches selected?
The league director chooses the most qualified coach/volunteer from the league.

What baseball rules govern play at each level?
The rules for each league vary, and are listed in our directory, and on our web-site

How are tournament teams selected?
Tournament teams are highly selective and chosen based on a variety of factors, including observed performance during the season, viewing day performance (Mudville, Reyna and Sauer only), tournament season availability and coach evaluations. Assessments and selections will be made by a committee of experienced tournament coaches. Not all players will be selected.

What is the commitment level for tournament teams at each division?
Players should expect a full summer of baseball.

How do I become an umpire for BYBA?
Umpires must be a least 10 years old or in the second year of Mudville to be eligible.