League Rules: Rookie (5 and 6 year olds)

Rookie League Rules
(5 & 6 Year Old Division)


1. 50’ distance between bases. Bases are not fixed.

2. Continuous batting order. Teams will bat through their line-ups each half inning. 

3. All batters will use the batting “T” exclusively for the first two games of the season. 

4. Following the first two games of the season, adult coaches will pitch. Batters will be given a STRICT maximum of 6 pitches to hit the ball fair. Batting “T” will be used if batter is unsuccessful in putting the ball in play after 6 pitches (no strike outs).

5. All players play defense. Defensive players will not be allowed to play an outfield position in consecutive innings.

6. Games will consist of 4 innings if time permits. Time limit: Saturdays – no new inning starts 70 minutes after start of scheduled time slot (i.e. NOT from start of game).

7. Over throws at 1st, 3rd and home are dead ball situations. Runners may not advance. No leads may be taken and stealing bases is not allowed.

8. The defense can make outs in the field (force outs and tag outs). Three outs will clear the bases, but will not end the half inning.