League Rules: Sandlot (7 & 8 year olds)

Sandlot League Rules

(7 & 8 Year Old Division)

Updated February 9, 2015

1. 60 foot distance between bases. Bases are not fixed. Pitching distance is 44 feet.

2.. Continuous batting order. Teams will bat through the entire line-up each half inning. After 3 outs are made, the bases are cleared but the team hitting continues to hit through the entire order.

3. Batters will be given a maximum of 5 pitches to hit the ball fair, and they can continue to get pitches if they foul off the last pitch. Batting T will be used if batter is unsuccessful in putting the ball in play after 5 pitches.

4. No score will be kept.

5. After a ball has been put in play, play will stop when the ball has been returned to the pitcher’s helper in the chalked circle around the mound. Batted balls hit to the pitcher’s helper should be fielded and played as normal.

  • There will be a chalk line halfway between first base and second base and also between second base and third base.
  • If the runner is beyond the respective line when the pitcher’s helper has the ball, the runner gets the next base.
  • If not, the runner retreats to the prior base that he came from.
  • Runners can take extra bases on overthrows.

6. Adult coaches will pitch the entire season – no kids will pitch.

7. All players play defense. Defensive players will not be allowed to play an outfield position in consecutive innings.

8. Games will consist of 4 innings (or more) if time permits. Time limit: Saturday – no new inning starts after 80 minutes to ensure that that following game starts on schedule.