Rookie Division

BYBA Rookie Division 2018 Fact Sheets

This year BYBA is lowering the minimum age and switching to a new small sided format for the Rookie division!


The goals of the new format are:

  • More active fielding
  • More at-bats
  • More base running
  • More inclusive
  • More community
  • More fun!


This year your player will be on a team with around 12 other players and 4 coaches (maybe you!). Players will range from 5 to 6 years of age.

When two teams meet on game day, each team will split into two squads and oppose the other team’s squads in two concurrent small sided games. Double the short stop! Double the first base! Double the fun!

Practice and games are combined into a single weekly 1:30 min time slot.

Players will continue to get the team experience complete with unique team names and uniforms, but gain the benefits of increased baseball activity to build a more solid foundation for later divisions.

We’ve been watching the positive impact of similar changes in the youngest age groups of other Burlingame youth sports organizations, and have decided to get in on the fun!

We can’t do it without you! This year we need double the coaches! The good news is, the time commitment is much easier (a single Saturday time slot per week) and we’ll teach you everything you need to know.


BYBA Rookie Division NEEDS YOU!



As you may have heard, we are lowering the minimum age and switching to a new small sided format for the Rookie division! What you may not have heard is…WE CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

Frequent Questions and Answers

Baseball is awesome but I don’t know it well enough to coach it.

Trust us, you can do it!

There are really just two pre-requisites: patience and a willingness to learn. We’ll teach you all the rest, and remember, THESE ARE ONLY 5 AND 6 YEAR OLDS!

I can’t commit to all those practices and games.

The beauty of the new format is you are not in this alone. In fact, we NEED between 4 coaches per team of 12 players. It’s just once a week for 8 weeks and it’s OK to miss a few games and practices (practices and games are combined into a single weekly 1:15 minute time slot).

Maybe I’ll watch it this year to see what’s up and coach next year.

Now is the time! Not only do we need you NOW, not only do the kids need you NOW, but this age is the best time to get in the ground floor of youth sports coaching. Almost everyone else is also starting from zero just like you! And if you do have some coaching experience, well, it’s like a moral obligation to come share that with your fellow Rookie coaches.


The pay is amazing


This is a volunteer role, but there isn’t a better place to watch the game than out on the field with your kid. Plus your kid will remember for the rest of their life “oh yeah! my parent coached my baseball team when I was growing up.”


Did we mention this isn’t just a guy thing?


Women coach in the MLB and in BYBA too!