For the past 25 years BYBA’s mission has been to build community through baseball.

As a not for profit organization run entirely by volunteers, BYBA takes great pride in providing the Burlingame community and it’s youth the opportunity to play the national pastime. Based out of Bayside Park, over 600 local kids annually spend evenings and weekends playing baseball. The game of baseball teaches a great deal more than just learning to play the game. It teaches life skills such as perseverance, teamwork, and attention to detail, demonstrating respect in both victory and defeat and understanding that success and excellence are not easily achieved. These character attributes are developed, in addition to baseball skills, and help form the foundation of conscientious citizens to which, the Burlingame community at large benefits greatly.

Equally important to BYBA’s mission of building community through baseball is an ongoing sponsorship alliance with local community businesses. These mission critical sponsors support the not for profit ethos of BYBA and enable our league to keep fees as affordable as possible. In addition, the generosity of our sponsors allows the league to offset the many costs associated with operating a league of this scale. Equipment replacement, insurance, uniforms, capital improvements are just a few of the many benefits these sponsors help BYBA to absorb.

BYBA is indebted and eternally grateful to our longstanding sponsor partners. We continually look to deepen and expand our sponsorship program and welcome new program participants. The generosity of our sponsors enables BYBA to provide a safe and fun experience that creates memories for a lifetime.

BYBA Sponsorship Program Opportunities:




Sponsor name on back of players’ jerseys and company name/website link listed on BYBA Sponsors Section.

The BYBA board and our league families are so very thankful to each of our sponsors for the continued support. Your contributions without a doubt are the reason we’re able to create such a fulfilling experience. Thank you for your support of the Burlingame Youth Baseball Association.