Tournament Teams

The Summer Tournament baseball program is a competitive league that augments our regular season league and supports one to three teams per league starting at Sandlot (8 years) and ending at Sauer (14 years). 

Summer tournament teams are a more rigorous training program for developing baseball players and require a higher level of effort, focus and commitment than the regular season.  All Summer Tournament team players spend the spring playing on a regular season BYBA team.  Most teams play their first tournament of the season on Memorial Day weekend and then continue throughout the summer on a regular basis after the regular season ends.  Each team is run by a group of Tournament Team coaches who are appointed by the League Director.  Typically, one of the teams is designated as the A team (the Red team) and one as the B team (the Blue team). Typically, the A team will seek to play in the more competitive A brackets of local tournaments. In the Mudville division, we typically form a third team of all 9U players (the White team).

The League Director of each league is responsible for forming the respective league’s tournament team in late April. Tournament teams are highly selective and players are selected based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Attitude, effort and ability
  • Observed performance during the regular season
  • Coach evaluations based on regular season play
  • Viewing day performance (conducted in late April; Mudville, Reyna and Sauer only)
  • Tournament season availability (families should schedule summer plans to make at least 3 of 4 or 4 of 5 tournaments)

Assessments and selections will be made by a committee of experienced tournament coaches. Not all players will be selected.

Each team participates in tournaments held in nearby towns throughout the summer, typically Memorial Day through late July or early August. Coaches and team to decide tourney schedule (~ 4 to 6 tournaments per team). Anticipate minimum of 2 practices per week (one field practice and one batting cage practice). The cost is approximately $375 – $450 per player for the summer and includes

  • Uniforms (hat, jersey, socks)
  • Insurance
  • Field and light fees
  • Equipment
  • Tournament entry fees
  • Fees are only due once player is selected to a team