Burlingame Tournament

Registration Links:

8U/12U Registration Link – Here

10U/14U Registration Link – Here

Age cut-off date is August 31st . Sept 1st and above would place them in the younger division.  Please use the Little League Age Calculator to verify the player/team division:
Age Calculator


    • 8U and 12U… Tuesday 6/11 – Sunday 6/16 (week 1)
    • 10U and 14U… Tuesday 6/18 – Sunday 6/23 (week 2)

Contacts:  Any teams interested in participating should contact the League Director responsible for the appropriate age division:

Please be prepared to submit your roster (link) and proof of insurance before the tournament to the relevant tournament director.  In the event that we are over-subscribed, returning teams will get priority.  Please note that the BYBA tournament is not intended for year-around “club” teams.

General Rules

Bat Rules 8U-12U:

  • USA Approved bats only
  • Wooden Bats OK

14U Bat Rules: 

    • Any bats that meet CIF baseball bat standards (see www.cifstate.org) which are BBCOR approved. The BBCOR stamp must be affixed to the bat. This category must follow a -3 weight to length ratio as described in the BBCOR approved baseball bats list.
    • Any “all aluminum” alloy baseball bats are allowed (regardless of weight to length ratio).
    • Any wood bats allowed except for bamboo.
    • Bats with a barrel larger than 2-5/8” and any composite bats that are not BBCOR -3 are not allowed (e.g., -10 Mako).
    • Any USABat certified bats bearing the USABat licensing mark are allowed.

Pitching Rules:

  • 8U – Coach Pitch only
  • 10U – NO Breaking Balls (e.g. Curveballs)
    • change-ups are allowed
  • 12U-14U – ALL Pitches allowed

Full Tournament Rules: 

The documents are the 2019 rules.  Please expect an update  version of the 2019 rules soon with minor changes to come.  Updates will be posted and a notification will be sent to the coaches via Tourney Machine.  Please check back at least a week before the tournament for any changes.

14U Rules
10U Rules

Additional Documents: