2017 Coach Registration

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Coach for the upcoming 2017 Season of BYBA, please click here to register online!



One of the fundamental aspects to a successful local youth baseball league is parental involvement, including coaching a team.  BYBA encourages any parent even mildly interested in coaching their son/daughter to consider signing up to volunteer regardless of your knowledge/skill level – we will help you with that!  WE CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!


Frequent Questions and Answers

Baseball is awesome but I don’t know it well enough to coach it.

Trust us, you can do it! There are really just two pre-requisites: patience and a willingness to learn. We’ll teach you all the rest through pre-season coaching clinics, in-season practice guides/resources, and we are implementing additional coaching sessions throughout the season to mitigate any fear/anxiety preventing you from putting on a hat, glove, and a lineup card!

I can’t commit to all those practices and games.

It takes a village – the more coach participation we have, the less strain on busy schedules we have.  You’re not alone – we understand the Bay Area is a busy place, but hopefully with the aforementioned teaching tools and additional coaching resources, we make it easier to prepare for practice and games.

Maybe I’ll watch it this year to see what’s up and coach next year.

Now is the time!  Almost everyone starts from zero just like you! And if you do have some coaching experience, well, it’s like a moral obligation to come share that knowledge with your fellow coaches.

The pay is amazing.

This is a volunteer role, but there isn’t a better place to watch the game than out on the field with your kid. Plus your kid will remember for the rest of their life “Oh yeah! My parent coached my baseball team when I was growing up.”

Did we mention this isn’t just a guy thing?

Women coach in the MLB and in BYBA too!