Welcome to another season with BYBA

Welcome to the Burlingame Youth Baseball Association. This baseball league is very special for the many who envisioned a better youth baseball program for this community, and have committed many volunteer hours planning, organizing and preparing for the multiple teams, the various age appropriate leagues, the coaching clinics, and the youth umpire’s program, which all contribute to the success of this program, year after year. As Spring nears, we look forward to Opening day with excitement and anticipation, as it marks another year for new beginnings, and the opportunity for the players to experience the challenges and triumphs of this great game of baseball.

The Burlingame Youth Baseball Association features many positive differences from other youth baseball programs. The league rules, which require continuous batting orders and limited bench time for the players, provide an opportunity for all ability levels more equitable participation in games. Limited rosters of 9 to12 players per team provide for a superior player to coach ratio, a better teaching environment, and more game time for all. In addition, players at each of the league levels are provided an opportunity and are encouraged to play and experience multiple positions. These league fundamentals with many others provide a frame work for a positive athletic experience for all skill levels, not just the most talented athletes.

However, the Burlingame Youth Baseball Association is no different from any other youth organization with the need for volunteers. The easiest way to get involved is to help with your son’s or daughter’s team, as moms, dads and even grandparents or older siblings, are always welcome as additional coaches. The greater the ratio of coaches to players, the greater the opportunity for the players to improved their skills over the course of a season. If you are asked to help out the league in some other way, please make every effort to assist, as the size of the league is very manageable with no task requiring too great a commitment.

The Burlingame Youth Baseball Association succeeds year to year, due to dedicated individuals and the support of the 450+ participants, their parents, the community, and the financial backing of businesses and service organizations. All 40+ teams are sponsored by a local business or service organization. In addition, the community and friends of the Burlingame Youth Baseball Association fund the Marianne Sheldon Riddle Scholarship Program, so no player or family is denied participation due to the lack of resources. The Burlingame Youth Baseball Association is very thankful for a community that believes in our efforts and gives generously for the benefit of our youth.

The Burlingame Youth Baseball Association is for the boys and girls of this community. The Directors of the Burlingame Youth Baseball Association consider it a privilege to be involved in the continuation of this youth program, and we hope our efforts will maintain the principles on which this league was founded. If you have any suggestions that can improve what we do, please let us know. Thank you for considering the Burlingame Youth Baseball Association as a place to experience baseball as it should be ………………………………on the field!

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